Time After Time






Time after time, time says I am your shadow – behind you (your past), with you (your present), ahead of you (your future) and I shall never leave you. I am eternal.


Time after time, time says learn to respect others; treat others with kindness, generosity, admiration and in return, you shall be blessed thousandfold. Nothing is for free in this world; not even me (time). 


Time after time, time says some things come once in a lifetime – use them, abuse them and lose them or cherish them, protect them and embrace them.  The ones you protect and embrace shall make you proud someday (time).








Through the Darkness, Vol. 1 – 2nd Edition: “The main criticism here is with the presentation. The cover does not communicate in the thumbnail on Amazon, and in fact looks like a man in a hoodie, not a rose, which is a shame because the poems and prose inside deserve more.” (SPR extensive review in 2016)


Time after time, the author of ‘Through the Darkness, With Love’ has taken people’s breath away with his creative works; once again, the author will take everyone’s breath away with the redesigned book cover for the 3rd Edition…..the audience will be mesmerized. There’s one exception though – this time the author was the director and someone else was the designer.


Being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people – makes a huge difference in life.


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